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London Taxi Insurance

As a taxi driver, you will know that there are many providers available to help find you London Taxi Insurance. What you won’t know is who is the best option to help you stay on the road in the event of an accident.

At we help you find brokers and providers who can help you find Taxi Insurance for London. All of our insurance providers are screened by to ensure they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

London has its own unique set of risks, as well as insurance requirements. From Public Hire and black cab drivers who have spent years honing their knowledge of the London landscape to Private Hire drivers who are often utilising the latest technology to find jobs, each is a unique risk that requires specialist knowledge.

London Taxi Insurance Benefits

Just like you, as a driver, know the roads locally. Brokers, who specialise in your area, understand your needs better. This understanding allows them to provide you with taxi insurance quotes that are tailored to you.

What insurance you need is down to you though:

Third Party Only (TPO) - the most basic level of cover legally required to drive on the road which covers any damage caused in the event of an accident.

Third Party Fire and Theft (TPFT) - offering slightly more cover than TPO, TPFT covers the costs of replacements or putting you back into the same position you were after a fire of theft claim.

Comprehensive - the best level of cover available on the UK insurance market.

Why iRevolution Connect for London Taxi Insurance?

There are many benefits to using iRevolution Connect for your taxi insurance in London cover including:

Easier Price Comparison

Rather than spending hours on the phone to various specialists in London Taxi Insurance, by completing 1 form, you can easily get prices from multiple brokers making price comparison easier.

Faster cover

Many of the companies we work with are able to provide you with quotes within minutes.If you need to find cover quickly, iRevolution Connect is a great place to source insurance for same day cover.

Private Hire Cover

We work with companies who are able to provide you with private hire insurance. read more

Public Hire Cover

Public hire insurance is available too for those driving black cabs in London. read more

Can I get cover for Uber Taxi Insurance in London?

There are around 45,000 Uber drivers in London and the surrounding area. This makes up a large percentage of Private Hire drivers in the city. To be an Uber driver, you need Private Hire Taxi Insurance. Whilst our insurance suppliers do not directly partner Uber, can help you in your search for insurance, fill out our simple tailored taxi insurance form to take the first steps into becoming an Uber driver.

Can I get cheaper taxi insurance?

Like many other vehicle insurances, there are areas to consider if you want to try and keep your costs down, however, it is worth considering that often, the cheapest costs do not always mean the best level of cover.

  • Choose a higher voluntary excess levels
  • Utilise secure parking
  • Pay upfront, rather than over installments
traffic in London

What do I need to do to become a taxi driver in London?

Firstly, you need to apply to your local council for a taxi badge. You can find your local council here. Once you have found your local council you need to apply for a taxi badge. Often, you will need to complete a number of forms to apply.

You must:

In addition, to drive in London, you need to sit and pass the Local Knowledge Test. Many areas have a Local Knowledge Test but the one in London is well known globally for being very thorough.

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